Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OWH Saturday Seminar Series #1

OWH is hosting an amazing seminar! (And it's free to us... an extra bonus!!) Paula, a graphic designer, will be teaching us how to add to and improve on our skills. (Please click on the badge to the right for detailed info on this.)

The 1st lesson is creating a focal point. I'm using a card I made and posted last week that came out nice, but is really spread out over the card. There isn't really a central focal point...

For the remake, I chose to put the sentiment on a little bordered box and bring the butterflies in, as well as making them a little brighter instead of the same as the outside border. And used red ribbon...

NOW... here's where you come in!! Leave me some feedback and tell me the 1st thing you focused on when you saw this.

Although I think I followed the guide of creating a focal point, now I feel like something is missing on the left.... hopefully, one of the future series lessons will tell me what to do about that!!

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE leave some feedback!!


  1. On the first card, I looked back and forth between the 2 butterflies. On the second card, my eyes were drawn to the grouping of sentiment, butterflies and bow immediately. I think you accomplished your purpose.

    Sometimes the blank area provides a great background for the focal point and makes it better. My only suggestion is to move the grouping slightly closer to center of card, like 1/3 of the way in - just move it away from the corner a bit.

  2. I think you did great on moving everything around the sentiment like that! I agree with Velda, it could move in a tidge, or perhaps if the stamped swirls were a little stronger (juicier pad maybe?) that might make you feel like it's less empty - but I love restful space on a card. Great job!

  3. What a huge difference with the second card. My eye is drawn to the one spot on the card. Though the first card was very cool, that left-hand butterfly was distracting to the eye. Great job. I like it a lot.

  4. Wow! What a difference that made. My eye goes straight to the grouping of elements. Having the ribbon tie by the sentiment also makes that area stronger. I think the flourish is enough on the left but agree that it could move in just a hair.

  5. it's funny because looking at the first card I really wouldn't say anything is wrong with it -- til I see the second one ---- or the second second one, the one with the darker 'flourish' what a difference moving the butterflies and sentiment together makes - my eye were absolutely drawn directly to it .. and the darker flourish helps to fill in that other side .. great job!

  6. My eye went right to your beautiful focal point! Great job.

  7. Love the re-made card. What a great illustration of the lesson of the seminar!

  8. Both cards are cute, the second one the red butterflies pop! I understand what you mean on the left, as another person commented making the swirl on the left darker. Still very cute! Thanks for the inspiration.