Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Masculine Card & My FIRST Digi!!!

Okay... So I spent about 4 hours tonight "Digi-Searching" and found some amazing digis!!! (A digi is a digital image that can be resized to fit your cards or whatever other project you are working on!)

I had never heard of a "Digi" until I started working with Operation Write Home and even then, I haven't had ink in my printer for about 5 months so I couldn't print anything out! So today I bought some ink and then went blog-hopping and found a bazillion cool digis!!

Here is my very 1st attempt at this... the image was found on Sliekje's Digi Stamps, where I actually found about 10 images I hope to use soon! This is also going to be used for the Stars and Stamps Mid-Week Throwdown, which calls for Masculine cards...

 Besides the digi from Sliekje, I used dark brown and dark blue generic cardstock, a SU sentiment, and SU markers. I also used a sponge to distress the edges with Memories ink (another technique I learned from OWH... although I didn't have a distressing tool like the one Sandy used in the OWH UStream TV practice run last night!!)

It's only my 1st and I hope to improve on this, but I'd love some feedback!

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. You did a great job with your first digi! I have a friend who distresses the edges of her card with her fingernail, so you really don't need to buy a tool for that! You can find a daily list of free digis on this website if you're interested:
    Keep up the great work and have fun :)

  2. Love the card, Ginnie! I, too, hadn't heard of digi stamps until I started making cards for OWH. Now I'm hooked! Be careful - it's a real addiction. I started making folders on my computer for each artist/company so that I could give appropriate credit for each card that I post on my blog. Wish I had that kind of talent to be able to draw, but mine lie in other areas. :-)

  3. Ginnie, you did a wonderful job on your first digi. Welcome to a whole new wonderful world.


  4. Great card - love the layout and the colors. I am just getting into digi's myself. I did one a couple of months ago for OWH and then printed out some more this past week which I hope to use soon.

  5. Very cute card! I've really grown to love the versatility that digis provide in terms of sizing an image 'just right' for your card.

  6. Great card... Thank you so much for your donation to my son as well.

  7. Ginnie, I'm not sure if I left you a message or not, but I've given you a stylish blogger award. You just need to stop at my blog and pick it up. It was a few posts ago, so just scroll down and then right click on the award and save it.

    By the way, that's a super cute card!