Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OWH Mid-Week Throwdown Challenge

This week's Mid-Week Throwdown Challenge for Operation Write Home's Stars and Stamps Blog was to create a card using the colors Red, White, Blue, and Kraft...

Serious challenge for me because I didn't even know what the color 'kraft' was! (I'm a primary color kinda girl!!) Little did I know I had been using this color a lot, but I just called it 'brown'! And I had never used it with red, white and blue!

 (the white border isn't part of the card!)

Anyway, once I got started I couldn't stop! I ended up making about 10 cards in these colors, and still find myself going back to them once in a while!!

Here are a couple I came up with for Valentine's Day....

And the last one is the card I made for the OWH FaceBook page on the day of President Obama's State of the Union Speech...  (I think it's my favorite!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS... Did I mention that when I get to 20 followers I'm giving away a 5-pack of cards?!?!?


  1. Nice job, Ginnie! Welcome to the world of Kraft! I am follower #18 ;)

  2. Great page Ginnie yeah!!! Im your 20th follower! im new to following so cheers !

  3. Btw all the cards are great I especially like the concept of the flag card good job.

  4. Ginnie, I really enjoyed your post for the OWH website. You made some mighty fine cards there! Blessings, Louise