Friday, June 17, 2011


I LOVE the most recent tutorial on Stars & Stamps! Shannan at Pink Tulle With Feathers And Sequins offered this simple step-by-step technique... PLEASE visit her page and tell her how awesome she is!! (and tell her I said so, too!!)

I thought this card was too pretty to just look at and lay down on a counter or put in a drawer so I combined it with the Easel Card we learned back in June, 2010 (also from the S&S page... I just tweaked the dimensions a little so it would stand sideways instead of the long way!).  This way it can be displayed on a mantle or maybe a corner table!

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  1. Ginnie, this card is beautiful! I agree, it needs to be displayed. Well done!

  2. I absolutely LOVE how you combined the starburst card with the easel card! Great idea. If you haven't posted this on the OWH FB wall yet, YOU MUST!!