Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shop Hopping in Phoenix

This weekend we decided to leave our beautiful Southern California weather and spend some time in the HOTTEST city we could find.... Phoenix!!! I believe the average for the last couple days was about 110 degrees.... Talk about 'hard to breathe'!!!
Anyway, since I can't make cards while I'm here, I put out an APB on the OWH FB page for scrapbook stores in the area. Some very lovely ladies recommended 2 stores that I absolutely fell in love with... Scrapbooks, Etc., and Scrapbook Barn! I didn't get carried away, but did give in to the paper section!

I'm so excited to get home and use the Patriotic paper on some Any Hero Cards!!!

And this is the REAL reason we came to visit....
These kids can't get enough of each other!! Minimal arguments and LOTS of laughing and screaming!!!

If time permits, I'm going to try to hit up a couple more stores before we leave tomorrow night!!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as we are!!

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  1. So glad you found some cute papers. I like the middle one that is partly hidden. My sister lives in Mesa. I like to bring her to Oregon every summer for a couple of weeks to get her out of that heat. It hasn't even topped 80 here yet. Then I turn on my air conditioning and listen to her say she is cold. Ha ha. I don't do heat.