Saturday, December 18, 2010

Has It Really Been 3 Weeks???

WOW!!! I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post!!! I feel like I've been going 200 miles a minute with no stops in-between!

Let's see.... I've set up my table at 2 boutiques... 1 at Sprouts Photography in Fullerton and 1 at Dragonfly Shops and Garden in Orange. Sprouts specializes in baby pictures, and Dragonfly is a very busy store with lots of goodies to decorate your home! Both are highly recommended!!

I also set up my table at a friend's house last Sunday and they completely cleaned me out of my Christmas cards, mini albums and 1/2 of my photo clips!!! Thank You Ambyr for offering me a corner!!!

After Ambyr's house, I went to my mom's and she asked me to make her a bunch of photo clips to put on a "cake" for her boss's birthday.... all the employees wrote out a little birthday greeting for her... and the clips were a big hit!!

I have also volunteered a couple days at Operation Santa Claus.... It's a social services warehouse in Orange County that collects toys all year and distributes them to social workers, probation officers, children's homes, foster parents, and other such people working with kids that are caught up in the system. We don't actually go out and distribute toys, but the workers and parents get vouchers and are able to come to the warehouse to get toys and books for the kids they are working with for Christmas. If you are ever looking for a place to volunteer your time, definitely look into this!

Besides all the running around with my own activities, I have spent just as much time with my kids and working at their school.... But, thank goodness it's Christmas Break!! We got to sleep in today and do absolutely nothing!!

So now... since I have no more orders for Christmas Cards, I'm going to work on some personal card orders I have... One wants purple-girlie cards, and the other just everyday cards. This is the card that inspired the order for everyday cards...

I also need to start working on Valentine's Day cards for Operation Write Home....

Oh... and did I mention that I have not even BEGUN Christmas shopping??? That's on the list, too!!

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