Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tutorial: Square Box

I'm making Baby Bottle party favors for my daughter's baby shower and I had the hardest time finding a template for the box part of it, SO.... I decided to make my own and pass on the 'formula' in case anyone had the same problem!!

Here is the Baby Bottle...
I began with cutting out 2 bottles from my Cricut New Arrival cartridge at 4 inches. For the box in the middle, I looked high and low for a 1 1/2" square box template and just couldn't find one!! So after lots of playing and cutting, I came up with this....

For a 1 1/2" box, cut out piece of paper (I used white cardstock) at 4 1/2" x 4 1/2", and score horizontally and vertically at 1 1/2" and 3" like this....
If you want to make the box a different size, just make the measurements 3x the size you want the box, for example, if you want a 2" sq. box, you would cut the square to 6"x6" and score it in thirds (@ 2" and 4").

The next step is hard to explain but you cut tabs on the right of each middle square and then cut off the remainder of that side square......
After this, all you do is fold up at all the scores, and the box will kind of automatically fold into a box shape when you push the sides up....
I found that the easiest way to adhere the sides together is to flip the paper on its back and put the adhesive on each tab, and then flip it back over to where you can stick the sides in place....

I used my ATG but you can obviously use any adhesive you like (Glue Dots, Scrappy Glue, etc...). When you're finished you'll have a cute little box!!
I put Glue Dots on the 4 corners of 2 opposite sides and stuck a bottle to each side, and THERE YOU HAVE IT!! Any theme can be used like sports, birthdays, weddings... the possibilities are endless!!! Here's a Boy Bottle I made just for fun!
I know this may be a basic concept for some, but I really struggled with it! So if it helps even one person, then I'm happy!!

I'd love it for someone to try it and let me know how my directions worked for you!!

PS... If you made a bigger one with a 5 1/2"x 5 1/2" box, you could even use this to put a small pack of handmade cards in and give as a New Baby gift!!


  1. This is cute. I don't have any need to create something like this but the instructions seem pretty clear and easy to follow. I suspect these will get rave reviews at the baby shower! :)

    1. Thanks, Paula!! If you ever need to make a box... you know where to find me!!

  2. love this idea. I'll have to play around with my die cuts and see how I can incorporate this idea with them.

  3. I am planning a shower for a friend and I will definitely use this. Dont have a cricut but I will use good old scissors. PS. I am blessed to hear some share about their love for the Lord, I love him too....!