Monday, November 8, 2010

OWH Cards Sent & Boutique Update

I can't believe I FINALLY sent my 1st box of cards to Operation Write Home!

There was a total of 25 blank cards for the Heroes to write in and send home to their loved ones, and 9 cards that my 3 youngest kids made and wrote notes to servicemen and women thanking them for their service!

Unfortunately, the Boutiques I participated in this past weekend were not as successful as I had hoped as far as selling my cards. But on the plus side, I met a very sweet young lady that sells baby items (bibs, booties, blankets, and wraps) that asked me to make some cards to sell with her items :)  So between that, working with Tisa, and talking to some other vendors, I think the future is bright for my business!

Here is a pic of the table Tisa and I shared at the Boutique at St. Callistus Church... lots of good stuff!

Tisa has a store on Etsy called Tisa's Vintage Affair, and Lesley's webpage is (make sure you type .net because the .com is an adult website!)

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