Sunday, February 26, 2012

Presidents and a Tu-Tu!

My original plan was for this Blog to be used for just my cards and papercrafts, but as I get deeper and deeper into crafts, I'm feeling the need to share some other stuff.... Stuff I NEVER thought I would get into!!

The 1st thing I want to share is one of the craziest projects any of my kids have had to do that I can remember! My 5th grader did a President report on Andrew Jackson, and she had to make a doll out of a soap bottle. Although this isn't something I'm looking forward to doing again (which WILL happen next year with my youngest daughter!), we were pretty proud of what we came up with!
This is supposed to be Andrew Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt!!
The next thing I want to share is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever made!!!
After a visit to one of our local craft stores, Tall Mouse, I couldn't resist trying my hand at tu-tu's!!
This will be for my granddaughter that is due sometime in March, Arianna Lucille (I'm going to call her Lucy!)

In honor of my little Lucy and back to papercrafts, I just wanted to throw a picture of some of the ladies I got together with to make an 'I Love Lucy' mini album!
Thanks for stopping by!!